Money Is Not The Most Important Thing In Life — Options Are

To Have The Freedom To Pursue What You Want Is The Ultimate Source of Power

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In my early twenties, the most important thing in life was to have more fun & more friends.

In my late twenties, the most important thing in life was money & getting more of it.

Right now, I truly believe the most important thing in life is to have options to choose from, being able to decide the route you want to follow, not following a path that was decided for you by someone/society/circumstances.

Options are the power you need to make your life meaningful and to get a higher purpose.

Let me explain it to you:

Fun & Friends Come & Go

Dont get me wrong: friends are essential, and fun is what I need to breathe. But both come and go. Check your life right now: how many of your current friendships are 5 years old? 10 years old? 13 years old? Got the picture?

Friends are essential when we are younger. We need them to know who we are, what we love, and how we love to do things.

When you are young, you do things in packs. -or not if you are a proud introvert-. The idea is that at this stage, we don’t care much about money -or we do?-, and we don’t even know what options mean — life is our playground, and everything is open and possible.

As we get older, and the number of friends gets lesser, we realize that friendship is essential, but not in the same way. You don’t need two dozens of friends to survive, and you no longer rely on your friends to know your truth.

You know your truth, and friends are now someone with mutual taste and habits or someone who survived the time test. In either way, they are no longer necessary for a living — there are more essential things you need to survive.

And this lesson -unfortunately- is only taught by time; when we get older.

Money Is Great, But It Comes With Expense

And the expense is not money itself. Sometimes, money takes away essential time from our days that could have been used otherwise: Fun, family, and serenity time.

In other cases, money may restrict our options. Now your thinking: this is lame! How can money restrict my options when my options have already been restricted by the lack of it?

I’ll tell you: because of the commitment you need to make in order to keep that money coming. Sometimes, it’s a certain type of job that you don’t like, but you have to keep because you need the money. Sometimes, it’s being limited to one country to keep that source of income working.

That’s why when I was younger. Back then, if you ask me about the most important things in life, I will not hesitate: I’ll say it’s money, MONEY, Money!

But now I’m older. Now I’m wiser. Now I know money alone is not the most important thing in life.

Your right and ability to choose is the most important thing you could possibly posses.

Here’s how:

- If you decide to leave that job, you can leave it at any time. You have other jobs’ options to pick, and you have some money stashed to support your time off.

- If you are done living in the same place for the 10th year in a row, you can pack & leave. You have a remote job that limits you to no location or geographical area.

- If you no longer like your friends’ circle, you can just choose to opt-out. You know you can find a new circle easily because you are planning to join a new training course where you will meet new people.

Do you see what I’m trying to sell?

A tangible item alone is not important by itself: the context it comes in and the amount of freedom it gives you to be able to pursue what you want when you want it with no burdens or subsequences is the one & most important thing you should aspire for in life.

You may have all the money in the world, the best looking friends, and a huge tank of fun ideas — and yet, that may not end up in you being happy in your life.

You need those to come in a package that allows you to breathe, to change course, or even stay idle. The freedom resulting in having our own choice in your own hands is priceless, and that feeling tops everything else in life.

My Cherry on Top

Try to analyze your life. Right here, and right now: write down what is paralyzing you from pursuing what you desire, be it a short term or a long term goal.

Now, plan over the coming 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year how you will work hard to get yourself out of the rut by securing a place where you can easily move and change your situation, freely and openly.

Once you have that clarity of your future and what you want it to be like; you will get that feeling of burden-loss, and you will understand the kind of freedom I am selling, and hopefully, you will get your most important thing in life — your options and ability to choose between them.

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