I love your angle of this, and appreciate you taking the time to articulate such a response!

It is 100% true what you mentioned, and yes the white man who commented may have his heart in the right place, nut the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I never had a similar comment on a white folks photo. To be fully honest, my grad photo was all white, and no one complained.
That’s why I believe, I and all others who replied back to this comment, do it wrong. Imagine if a white man who was mistreated by a black man back in the early 90s spoke in a match that is supporting BLM. Would that make him wrong? No. Is what he did wrong? Yes.
The road to overcoming racism is long, and many people have hearts filled with hatred because if how dark their lives were, so I totally agree with you: this issue needs work from all involved parties; that’s where you and I come in to help create a community.
Appreciate you Chris.

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Status quo Antagonist | Diversity Sourcer | 20+ Cities Traveler | Published in TheStartup, The Ascent & DDI | Palestinian🇵🇸 | Let’s chat: http://bit.ly/LNKDMD

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