Biden Just Hit Trump With “Inshallah” & It’s Taking Off The Internet!

Muslims Watching The Debate Were Like: “Wait, What? Enchilada?”

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If you are not living on this planet, here’s new news for you: yesterday, Tuesday 29th was the impatiently waited day to watch “Clashes Of The Titans,” the “Real Housewives” version of the U.S. presidential race.

The heat reached my house in Palestine, as I watched the debate with my close friend and bowel of caramelized popcorn -yes, we do have that in the country- and the day couldn’t get any better.

Then, midway of the debate, when asked to release his private tax returns, Trump assured us by saying that he will return “Millions of dollars, and you’ll get to see it.”

When Biden asked him “When?”, and while we waited for Trump to respond, Biden immediately jumped to knock Trump out in round one: “Inshallah?” — I’m still in shock.

The Holy #Inshallah Moment


What Does Inshallah Mean?

If you don’t know, Inshallah is the Arabic version of “fuggedaboudit,” aka this ain’t happening. Again, if you are not living on this planet, please go revise “Mickey Blue Eyes” — 101 survival guide to get a clue of what I’m ranting about.

Inshallah literally means “If God wills”, should be used to refer to how God has the will to make something happen or not, then became the synonym of “Yo! This ain’t happening.”

Houston, We Have A Problem!

It seems we have two camps around the “why” of the use of the word:

Camp I

Biden used the word as a literal “fuggedaboudit.” The unwritten text is: “Oh, trust me dude: you are paying those taxes when the salt shines!.”

This is an Arabic proverb to describe something that will never happen in million years, and you are welcome: I just taught you 50% of what you need to learn when starting your Arabic course learning.

Anytime, mate!

Camp II

Biden is used to hearing the word from ‘folks’ he talks and deals with, which means the former Vice President is interacting with the people he promised to justly rule. This particularly is teasing Trump who once called for a ban on Muslims in the United States.

Remember when airports closed because people were angry with double standards against other people because of other people’s religion? Yes, that is the time before people became angry with double standards against other people because of other people’s color. Or was it after? Sorry, I lost track.

Back To The Topic In Hand

Here is some sweet-tweet sample of the Enchilada Biden curved to eat during the presidential debate:

The Honoree Arab Parent


Team-Retreat Topic


Brother Yusuf Beidoun


Let’s Have Food!

Personally, I’m not on the Jo-Bro team. Yet, this is a first — Good-or-bad part comes later. For now, I’m fixing myself some Enchilada — the real one:


Till the next time!

See you later — Inshallah!

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