After 35 Years as a Night-Owl: I Wake Up At 6 & It’s a Bless!

Here’s Why I Changed Course & Why It Really Shook Things Up

Alexandre Silva @Pexels

We came to this world as different creatures: we look different, our tastes are far apart in times, we have different physics & looks -normally, I take this as an excuse to mention my big nose!-, and we have different lifestyles.

One aspect of a lifestyle is your sleeping routine. Some people love to wake up the earliest, some enjoy a later morning routine, and some are like me; night owls that thrive at night and love to explore the quietness, peacefulness, and endless possibilities the night brings.

That was how I lived my life so far. I never recall saying the phrase: “I need to sleep early because I have work tomorrow!.” My response to this word was always the same:

“Don’t worry, hon! You’ll have a ‘work tomorrow’ everyday! Chill.”

So it was normal to sleep 5 hours and wake up feeling hyper as a horse. Not sure if it was my body or mind, but I believe at some point, my body got used to the fact that I can sleep less and still be active.

And so went the life: happily, seamlessly, and sleeplessly.

The 1st Call For Change

My first call to change came in my early twenties when I read an article about how CEOs worldwide “Wake up earlier than us” the doomed, mortal ones. So I thought: I can do this!

And I did it, and it was a nightmare in the clear light of the sun!

I was a walking zombie in the morning, a corps bride in the afternoon, and a crumpy ball of meat by night. I was a mess, and on top of it all: I hated it.

I didn’t like how it felt, so I decided: I am not a morning person.

The 2nd Call For Change

This time, I am 27, and I have a new reason to wake up: I am now a traveler.

On my first trip to Rome, Italy, as part of my job, my day was consumed so fast & brutally as if someone has cast a vacuum on it. It was bad, and it was unfair! I am here only once, and I may or may not come back. Are we really going to spend only 4 hours post our daily training in the city?

That’s when I decided to take the one brave decision I could make on such an occasion. Though it was hard and heartbreaking, I decided that was the only way out of my dilemma: I had to wake up 3 hours earlier than my usual hours to make room for a morning tour.

Life was hard. I’m telling you! I remember by the 3rd day, I was dragging my feet -literally, using my hands in the process- to be able to walk the Colleasom mazes at 6:30 in the morning. But on that same day, as I was taking a shower to get ready to join my colleagues, I realized the most basic, no-brainer fact: my day is no longer, and I have more time to do things.

One would assume that this would be the wake-up call anyone needed, right?

WRONG! I lost my job, and waking up early each day became as ancient history as the pyramids.

The World Got Hit & So Did My Sleeping Habits

When the pandemic hit us all, and life turned into a big, massive jail that had no doors, life got awkward.

Now, the day is the same as the night, and it doesn’t matter when you wake up or sleep. I remember days when it would become 6:00 a.m., and I am still up and haven't even realized it’s dawn.

When the lockdown was a bit loose up in my country late in June, I had to organize my conquest on the world: I started waking up early -and by early, I mean 8:00 a.m.- to start my day and finish before the curfew at 8:00 p.m.

And slowly, I noticed that I started waking up earlier than my usual waking hour. I am now a human clock!

The 3rd & Final Call For Change

I am now in the middle of my thirties, and life seems super promising!

Now, I wake up -by choice- early, and early doesn’t have a specific time — it can be 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. I am not that harsh on myself. But I have my early hours walk, my early hours' workouts, and my early hours' writing habits -like today when I woke up early to write this article about waking up early, super cliche!-.

The benefits I realized are massive: I truly have extra time in my day. Some owlers would say -like I used to say-: I could have this extra room over the night. That is true, but the difference lies in the energy, the vibes of the morning, and the mind shift. In the morning, your mind is verging; you still haven't got yourself into the messy nitty-gritty details of the day, the car that splashed you with water, the ugly mood of the boss, the gossip of the neighbors, and that neighbor whose name I’m not going to say who keeps stealing your Amazon deliveries!

The day is ripe, and it waits for you to pick it, paint it, then live it. That’s why I really love days that start right with a great horizon seen, a thoughtful breakfast, and some meditation or just staring into the nowhere thinking of “how many apples could be on that tree? I’d die now if I didn’t know.”

You know, the deep, thoughtful thoughts we all have when we wake up.

What Should you, The Nigh-Owler, Do Now?

My ask would be: to give it a try. Like everything in the world, I always say: You can never know if you love or hate something until you try yourself. You can rely on others' hatred of spinach to decide you don’t like it -although no one does, at least, no one I know!- but you got the idea.

Try it for a while, and you don’t have to commit to a certain hour initially, but commit to a certain range of hours, or otherwise, your version of 6 a.m. would become 10:00 a.m.

Once you do, get back here and let us all, the owler community, here know how it went.

When you post back your thoughts, remember that Medium prohibits the use of nasty, inappropriate words!

I’ll be waiting to hear your stories! Now, it’s almost 9:19 a.m., and it’s a great day. Good night, folks!

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