Giant Tech Companies Took The Leap of Faith, Will You?

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2020 took a different start on all levels, and in every aspect — a pandemic hit us all. In a blink, 7.594 billion living souls found themselves locked down in their countries. People were stuck in their houses, some lost jobs, others lost beloved ones. Companies started to pursue working with their employees from home.

A little later, we started witnessing a new shift in employers’ mentality:

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The story of Margorie McCall, who killed tomb raiders & her husband without a drop of blood

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Ardoric / Deviantart

It turned out that not all fiction is fiction, and not all myth, bedtime stories are based on fantasy.

This is the story of a woman of no wealth, no astonishing accomplishment who became infamous in Ireland and the surroundings because of her ring. Now her legend lives long as the woman who walked earth twice.

According to local historian Jim Conway, the 1700s was a time of terrible famine. Margorie, among other Irish men, women, and children, suffered the ugly circumstances Ireland was going through. She got sick many times, until one day, her sickness was the last time. Marjorie McCall was announced dead due to a mysterious fever. …

“The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” — You Need Actions

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prostooleh / Freepik

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” — Buddha

I’ve been living with my apartment mate for six years now — basically since college. We left each other for seven years; then, when she moved to my city, I had to ask her to join me again.

One of our never-changing habits is comparing our daily stories and getting feedback.

Having someone who knows you since your old days — before you’ve grown older, wiser, and a bit bitter -in my case bitchier, sorry!- is essential. I call these people “The anchor”; they hold you still to your origins, and when you decide to drift, they pull you back to the right track. …

Trust Me; It Can’t Get Worst.

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Source: @ amir taheri / @ Unsplash

The other day, I spent the night listening to my friend’s updates on her life over the past three months. My friend lives in the States, and she happened to be Black.

She shared stories of feeling threatened while walking the streets those days. Streets have always been the same; unsafe and unwelcoming. Yet, lately, the streets seemed to be more color-unfriendly.

I kept my mouth shut as her furious rage poured in all shapes and forms from her mouth. …

You Deserve Better Than What ‘Others’ Say You Deserve

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Connor Danylenko @ Pexels

The other day I felt like traveling again. I swear I could sense the sands under my feet, the smell of the blue sea was vivid in my nose, and I needed my sunblock to minimize the sunburns on my skin.

When a yearning feeling like this hits, I turn to my therapist;


This time, I picked “Eat, Pray, Love”. This is the 5th time I watch the movie. But this time, I noticed something different.

As Liz was in Italy, she entered the Constantine Cathedral. …

The Story No One Tells On How a Once-An-Extrovert Generation Adapted to a Pandemic

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Ekaterina Bolovtsova

I am guilty of being one of those people who would think being an introvert is a bad thing — introverts had signs of “DO NOT GET CLOSE!”, and “STEP IN ON YOUR OWN RISK!”. I was always a party person -even if I don’t look like it- but I used to thrive when surrounded by people. I needed two things to survive: air, and a pack of friends with an infinite list of to-do things — that was my thing.

Until two major changes hit my life, and I found out I was living in Oblivion:

Change A — A Full-Time Remote Job

I was so happy when I landed my first remote gig ever! I am a morning person, but I hate the morning rush, the traffic, the sleepy/dark faces of a colleague, and on top of it all — I hated stuffing myself into the right different outfit every day! That was torture, I did that seven years in a row so I was ready for my freedom ticket. …

Why Understanding Your Target Audience Is Crucial To Succeed

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If someone came to me a month ago and told me that reading the future can secure over a million dollars I would have called them nuts. Turns out it is quite the opposite — you can make millions of reading people’s futures, and the only nuts in this story turned out to be me!

Here’s a brief background: In Turkey, they believe in reading your future from your Turkish coffee cup. There’s a proverb Turkish people use to describe fortune or ‘fal’: “You don’t have to believe in it, but don’t leave home without it.”

Here’s how reading your future…

Even If You Think You’re Physically Not That Beautiful, Those 5 Will Work!

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@ John Paul Garanzo / @ Pexels

Here’s the thing: I am the darkest skin among my sisters, and I used to be the ‘ugliest.’ Nowadays, people don’t call me beautiful or ugly; they solely praise how attractive I am.

It wasn’t easy; it wasn’t always nice to hear how you look different and get jokes about how they changed you while your parents weren’t looking in the hospital.

But I survived, and I believe I grew up pretty good -I keep saying this to myself for my self esteem!-.

Here are the top five-piece of advice I received from friends and people who loved me enough to point out my mistakes and tell me how I can draft the focus from my face to my presence and…

Sometimes, Freedom Shall Be Controlled For The Greater Good

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benzoix / Freepik

This is a story I tell all the time to my nieces and nephews. The lessons learned from how selfish one person can be a great source of morals that both infants and adults can use to label a nasty attitude.

Some people call for freedom in all shapes and shades. It is essential for each individual to practice his and her freedom fully. Here’s the issue with this approach: if your freedom practice is missing those two essential factors, it’s no longer freedom — it’s transpassing to others’ peace of mind territory and, in our case, well-being.

Freedom Pillars

The two factors any freedom conquest needs…

Even the most attractive people want this from their partners.

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Teksomolika / Freepik

We grew up hearing myths about the great love and how to find your equal match among the 7 billion something souls in the universe. Then we grow up, and life happens. We get hit by the fact that love is not a straight forward path where we can have a manual of what to do and what one can expect. There’s no checklist of the yeses one should pose, and there are no neon signs on the head of “the one” to direct us in the correct path.

Unfortunately, that is not reality.

Being in and out, meeting all kinds of men, and seeing my friends getting into different relationships — the one thing I find mutual between love and science is the ‘monitor’ phase. You can learn about a topic by monitoring people practicing it in different situations and under other circumstances. …


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