The story of Margorie McCall, who killed tomb raiders & her husband without a drop of blood

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It turned out that not all fiction is fiction, and not all myth, bedtime stories are based on fantasy.

This is the story of a woman of no wealth, no astonishing accomplishment who became infamous in Ireland and the surroundings because of her ring. Now her legend lives long as the woman who walked earth twice.

According to local historian Jim Conway, the 1700s was a time of terrible famine. Margorie, among other Irish men, women, and children, suffered the ugly circumstances Ireland was going through. She got sick many times, until one day, her sickness was the last time…

“The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” — You Need Actions

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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” — Buddha

I’ve been living with my apartment mate for six years now — basically since college. We left each other for seven years; then, when she moved to my city, I had to ask her to join me again.

One of our never-changing habits is comparing our daily stories and getting feedback.

Having someone who knows you since your old days — before you’ve grown older, wiser, and a bit bitter -in my…

The story no one tells about how a once-an-extrovert generation adapted to a pandemic.

Ekaterina Bolovtsova

I am guilty of being one of those people who used to think being an introvert was a bad thing — introverts had signs of “DO NOT GET CLOSE!”, and “STEP IN ON YOUR OWN RISK!”. I was always a party person — even if I don’t look like it — but I used to thrive when surrounded by people. I needed two things to survive: air, and a pack of friends with an infinite list of to-do’s. That was my thing.

Until two major changes hit my life, and I found out I was living in oblivion:

Change 1 — A Full-Time Remote Job

I was…

Why Understanding Your Target Audience Is Crucial To Succeed

If someone came to me a month ago and told me that reading the future can secure over a million dollars I would have called them nuts. Turns out it is quite the opposite — you can make millions of reading people’s futures, and the only nuts in this story turned out to be me!

Here’s a brief background: In Turkey, they believe in reading your future from your Turkish coffee cup. There’s a proverb Turkish people use to describe fortune or ‘fal’: “You don’t have to believe in it, but don’t leave home without it.”

Here’s how reading your…

It’s like inviting someone to your doorstep; you need to also feed them!

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Many companies have taken serious steps in the last 4 years to be more inclusive; be it women-inclusive for the sake of #MeToo, LatinX for the continuous clashes and the mayhem that was created by building the #SeperationWall, to Black Lives that always mattered but mattered the most when a precious soul was murdered brutally, the name #GeorgeFloyd became anonymous to injustice. Exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds became now the record time you need to transfer from being a human being into an animal.

in each one of those cases, you will see a pattern of two main points:

This Atlanta-Based Company is the Nation’s Leading Black-Owned Management Consulting Firm and it’s Making Waves in Embedding Diversity into the Culture of Global Organizations.

Source: Yardstick Management team

Diversity has been the hype-word of the decade; use the word, throw a punch line or two about the need for ‘difference’ in the workplace & voila! You are now a credible diversity-first company culture that seeks authenticity and inclusion. Unfortunately, that alone isn’t enough to create diversity at the core of its mission and values.

The Parks Legacy

It’s been 78 years since Rosa Parks refused to leave her bus seat, and yes, black people have gone a long way since then to gain fundamental human rights — but that all is still not enough. …

Here’s Why I Changed Course & Why It Really Shook Things Up

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We came to this world as different creatures: we look different, our tastes are far apart in times, we have different physics & looks -normally, I take this as an excuse to mention my big nose!-, and we have different lifestyles.

One aspect of a lifestyle is your sleeping routine. Some people love to wake up the earliest, some enjoy a later morning routine, and some are like me; night owls that thrive at night and love to explore the quietness, peacefulness, and endless possibilities the night brings.

That was how I lived my life so far. I never recall…

Don’t be fooled by the title; they are anything but less & it’s the science that says so.


In 2012, the greatest chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, plaid in one of the world’s biggest championships in Mexico City, the Mexican capital, against Judit Bolgar, the strongest female chess player we know. The game ended with a massive win for Bolgar with a smart strategy Carlsen was oblivious to.

Bolgar, whose name you probably have never heard before, won the eighth place among the chess tycoons in the world, and we are talking about a list headed by Kasparov, Anand, and Topalov. Despite this, this list included only two women in its history. …

To Have The Freedom To Pursue What You Want Is The Ultimate Source of Power

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In my early twenties, the most important thing in life was to have more fun & more friends.

In my late twenties, the most important thing in life was money & getting more of it.

Right now, I truly believe the most important thing in life is to have options to choose from, being able to decide the route you want to follow, not following a path that was decided for you by someone/society/circumstances.

Options are the power you need to make your life meaningful and to get a higher purpose.

Let me explain it to you:

Fun & Friends Come & Go

Don’t get me…

The Simple One Truth That Will Set You Free & Help You Conquer The World

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I am never a fan of a certain influencer or personality, but I am a seeker of the best advice regardless of the mouth it comes from.

Among the big and small names you may hear and the pieces of advice that would change your heart, shock your world and give you a good groundbreaking wake up call — this was my best motivational speak ever:

“If you wanna take the fucking island burn your fucking boats; and you will take the island ’cause people when they’re gonna either die or succeed, tend to succeed.” — Tony Robbins

You may…

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